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I wrote an article about the history of the English clarinet and my involvement in it for the Spring 2019 edition of the magazine Clarinet & Saxophone (CASS). Here is a link to the PDF so that you can read it exactly as it appears in the magazine.

CASS article Spring 2019

or you might prefer to read it like this:

CASS article web page Spring 2019

Chris Walters, editor of the magazine Clarinet & Saxophone, wrote a review of Katherine Lacy's recent recording of the Mozart Concerto and Quintet to accompany my article. It is not usually appropriate for me to publicise particular recordings but I'm doing so in this case because he writes about the instruments as well as the performances.

Lacy review Spring 2019

It might be easier to read this way:

Lacy review web page Spring 2019

Anna Hashimoto interview Autumn 2019

It's worth considering that annual membership of the Clarinet and Saxophone Society of GB is currently only £28 in the UK. In addition to four issues of the magazine, this helps the society fund projects, promote research etc., so it's a good thing for people who care about the advancement of single reed matters. It's tax deductible too.

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