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I have started to write about some of the eminent people I have known and who have influenced me as a clarinet maker. Some are household names, others less well-known. Gervase de Peyer has now joined Jack Brymer and Ted Planas.

Gervase de Peyer

Jack Brymer.

I occasionally think that the clarinet community here in England is divided into two: those who were fortunate enough to know Ted Planas and be helped and encouraged by him, and those that didn't. I am very grateful to have been in that first category.

Ted Planas.

During the last three years, most of Gervase de Peyer's and Roy Jowitt's clarinets, both B&H and Eaton, have been with us here in Effingham, and some of them still are. I have written assessments of them, together with some thoughts on the evaluation of individual instruments.

The clarinets of Gervase de Peyer and Roy Jowitt.

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