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Price List - May/June 2024

These really are the finest instruments we have ever made.
For example, the latest generation of bells make a striking impact
on overall resonance.


Elite Bb clarinet (large bore) or International Bb clarinet (small bore).
Full retail price
Price including 10% discount for prompt payment
Price without mouthpiece
£5327 (€6126) ($6872)
£4795 (€5514) ($6186)
£4496 (€5170) ($5799)
Elite or International A clarinet
Full retail price
Price including 10% discount for prompt payment
Price without mouthpiece
Price without mouthpiece and additional barrels
£5883 (€6765) ($7589)
£5295 (€6089) ($6831)
£4996 (€5745) ($6445)
£4836 (€5561) ($6238)


Protec Slimline Clarinet Pro Pac Cases.
£99 (€116) ($124)
£188 (€220) ($235)

B-flat and E-flat mouthpieces

Peter Eaton mouthpieces (small or large bore)
Full retail price
Price including 10% discount for prompt payment
£388 (€446) ($501)
£349 (€401) ($450)

The euro and dollar prices are for guidance only, since exchange rates change daily.

Used Clarinets

Soloist Anna Hashimoto has bought one of our new range of International model B-flat instruments, so her first
Eaton clarinet is now for sale. She came to select this at age 16 in 2005, alongside her teacher at that time, Michael Collins.
This is a superb instrument, in perfect condition. Someone is going to be lucky.
The price is GBP 3296, without mouthpiece or case.

We have a used Elite B-flat. It has been brought as close as possible to our latest specifications and so is effectively
a new instrument, although fitted with leather pads. The price is GBP 3296, with two barrels and a choice of new mouthpiece,
but no case. We also have a second Elite B-flat. Although this one is older, it is in mint condition, again fitted with leather pads.
It also comes with a choice of new mouthpiece. The price is GBP 2996 without case.

With either of these clarinets, if you have a favourite small bore mouthpiece, this can easily be re-cut to large bore.

When used clarinets are purchased directly from us, they have been finished as close as possible to new standards.
The bores have been cut to the latest specifications; the name stamps on top joint and bell have been renewed.
The metal rings on the bells have been replaced with ebonite. This increases resonance by offering maximum contact
between bell and lower joint. All technical matters have been checked and adjusted as necessary, including pad replacement.
The fine tuning has been re-evaluated and adjusted, following the recutting of the bores.

We often have customers contacting us to ask about the availability of used instruments.
If you have a used Peter Eaton clarinet that you would like to sell, we can help you.
We would make certain that it is in the best possible condition for sale, both technically and musically.
We would then make contact with the customer on your behalf and the customer would pay you directly.
When everyone is happy, you would then forward our commission for the sale, plus our workshop costs.

An alternative is for us to simply buy the instrument from you.

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