Chris Bleth

Chris Bleth playing his Peter Eaton Elite clarinet at a recording session for Caprica Chris Bleth does a variety of work in the Los Angeles area playing for films, TV shows, TV and radio commercials, video games, albums and live concerts.

Chris plays orchestral woodwinds as well as world-music wind instruments. Recent credits include Couples, Retreat, Caprica, Human Target, Public Enemies, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Land of the Lost, Up and Star Trek.

"I made the switch to the Elite in late 2008 after many years playing French clarinets. It took a little getting used to but I am so glad I made the switch! I have found that the sound and intonation along with the ease of response in the 2nd register have made life much easier when I play principal in film orchestras as well helping when I stack woodwinds for TV shows. The sound of this clarinet makes blending with other winds amazingly easy."

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