Juan E. Romero

Juan Romero with his Peter Eaton Elite clarinet Juan E. Romero is Principal Clarinet with the City of Murcia Orchestra and professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Castellon, Spain.

He has been invited to play as soloist on numerous occasions with the finest orchestras in Spain. He has recently recorded the Mozart Sinfonia Concertante for four wind instruments with the City of Murcia Orchestra conducted by Joaquin Palomarcs and has recorded for the Spanish National Radio series Platform for Young Performers.

As chamber musician, Juan Romero has given recitals in Spain and abroad with pianist Pilar Valero and has played in chamber ensembles with Roy Jowitt, Vicente Navarro Ibanez, Joaquin Palomars, Aaron Rosand, Ivan Martin and Marzal Cervera. As orchestral musician, Juan Romero has been invited to play with the Spanish National Orchestra in Madrid and the City of Valladolid Orchestra.

Following studies at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, where he graduated cum laude as the best woodwind student of 1989, he continued his studies in London with Roy Jowitt, later working with Roy as his principal assistant in Spain, where they regularly give masterclasses together. Juan Romero is now one of the most important Spanish teachers of his generation, having been invited to give courses and masterclasses at festivals in Monserrat, Alicante, Elche de la Sierra, Cieza and Murcia.

Juan Romero has played Peter Eaton clarinets since 1993 and most of his pupils have followed his example. He chose the International model initially but changed to the large bore Elite in 2000. "The Peter Eaton clarinet has the capacity of not hindering the development of my creativity. It does not restrict the tone, so it is authentic and personal. This clarinet gives me freedom and spontaneity".

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