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A future for the English clarinet.

The unique sound of the English clarinet, as made by Boosey & Co., Hawkes & Son, Boosey & Hawkes and Peter Eaton, has been with us for well over 100 years. Some of the world's most gifted and successful musicians have given performances and made recordings on English clarinets that set the benchmark for musical performances on clarinet. The latest generation of great young English players maintain this long tradition with distinction.

As a great enthusiast for this type of instrument, I would love to find a way to facilitate production well into the future. I believe that there are three key roles which would enable production to continue. Firstly, someone to purchase and then take overall control of the business, including at least partial relocation. Secondly, craftsmen to produce the instruments. Thirdly, a musician to control all musical aspects, i.e. design, fine tuning and dealing with customers. Just one of these three key areas is at present vacant: the first one. My wonderful associates, Graham Pinder and Charles Kendall, would enthusiastically welcome continuance of production. I would be delighted to be able to continue with all musical aspects, with invaluable assistance from my wife Joanna, until the time came to hand it over to someone else.

So, is there an enthusiastic entrepreneur out there who would like to take on this exciting opportunity and lead the English clarinet through the 21st century? If you think you can make a serious contribution, please get in touch.

If a collaboration along these lines does not emerge, then our highly efficient production system is available for sale. It could accomodate manufacture of standard models of boehm system clarinet if desired and could be located anywhere in the world.

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